Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Any information you save within Careepilot will only be held so that Careepilot users can access and retrieve their Careepilot data. 

Individuals, who have indicated their consent, may be contacted  and asked to provide feedback on the Careepilot website. Feedback information will help to inform future development and to secure future funding for the website.  

This information will be used only for the purposes set out in the statement above.  No information will be passed to a third party.

HE SKills Map:

One exception will be for Careerpilot users who are also using HE Skills Map, a new tool which is only accessible to certain organisations and users. 

A trained supervisor will always explain to a Careerpilot users if they are participating in HE Skills Map.

The trained supervisor, within a participating organisation, will be given access to a HE Skills Map user's account in order to support their completion of the activity.

For more information, aimed at young people, about how to protect your data go to the ICO website