Professional Development Courses

What is it?

Professional qualifications are the qualifications required to practice at a high level in certain jobs or professions.

Where could I study?

Most professional qualifications are moving onto the QCF. You will be able to study for these at local colleges, training providers and through work.

How long will it take me?

The length of time taken to complete a professional qualification varies. Every qualification in the QCF comes in one of three sizes — Award, Certificate or Diploma. Awards are made up of 1 to 12 credits (or 10 to 120 hours’ learning), Certificates 13 to 36 credits (130 to 360 hours’ learning) and Diplomas 37 credits or more (370 or more hours’ learning).

Options after the course?

You can use the qualifications to progress within your current career and they could lead to further learning at a higher level.