Higher Apprenticeship

What is it?

Higher apprenticeships lead to work-based learning qualifications such as National Vocational Qualification Level 4, a Higher National Certificate or Higher National Diploma or a knowledge-based qualification such as a Foundation Degree.

These are aimed at people aged over 18 with level 3 qualifications or those progressing from Advanced Apprenticeships. These are currently available more than 40 sectors.

Where could I study?

You will be linked to a college or training provider. In some cases the college or training provider might help you find an employer with a vacancy or you can search for local vacancies by registering to Find an Apprenticeship.

How long will it take me?

It varies - depending on the sector, the qualification you’re going for and the skills you already have. Generally, a Higher Apprenticeship will take between one and four years to complete.

Options after the course?

Completing a Higher Apprenticeship can lead to further training at the next level, such as a degree. The majority of apprentices will continue working for the company they trained with and may be able to work towards promotion.