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Help with job hunting or unemployment



There are lots of websites available to help you look for work and also deal with unemployment if you can't get work straight away.

Because finding a job is quite difficult at the moment, young people are sometimes having to take up part-time jobs in the hope that a full time opportunity comes up later. Some have more than one part-time job.

Although this might not be ideal, it is a way to get a foot in the door and could lead to more permanent full-time work later. Also, if you end up with a part-time job, you could study part-time too. Check out the part-time courses on offer at colleges and universities or through the Open University.

Here are a few links to government sites that could help:

Help with job hunting

Here are a few tips on job hunting:

Some websites for job hunting/vacancies:

Think about how you use social networking sites

Facebook, Twitter and other sites are not just used by you and your friends. Employers sometimes use social networking information to screen job applicants. Research shows that young people ages 16-24 are losing potential job offers because of comments or pictures on their online and social media profiles. Think about how you use these sites and who can access your profile. If you don't want to make your profile private you might want to edit your profile to ensure pictures and comments would be suitable for a prospective employer to see.

Help with unemployment: