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Money to learn for part-time higher education



Part-time students from England, studying for their first degree or other designated higher education course will have access to government subsidised loans for tuition fees if they are studying at least 25% of a full-time course.

Part-time students will not have to pay for tuition fees upfront.

Loans will not be available if you already have a previous qualification at the same or higher level than the one you want to apply to.

Funding arrangements for part-time students studying in higher education.

Repayment of loans for fees

Part-time students will start to pay back their loan four years after the start of the course, if they are earning more than £21,000 a year.

They will then pay back 9% of their income each month, above £21,000 a year. Any outstanding debt will be wiped out after 30 years.

It will still be possible to pay university fees upfront in order to avoid accruing any debt. If you choose to take out a loan you can choose to pay back all or some of the loan at any time without an early repayment charge.

Getting help sorting out the funding:

Many colleges and universities have a Student Services Centres; they are a good source of information for people making enquiries about courses and financial support available.



See a Guide to loans for part-time study from Student Finance England 

View information about funding for mature students thinking about higher education.

View the Gov.uk website showing all the latest information about financial support for students from September 2013.

See information about part-time funding at the Student Room.

Part-time students who are eligible might also be able to claim Disabled Students Allowances (DSA)

Studying part-time with the OU

The Open University fees will be based on the number of credits you study in a year and this depends on the modules you choose. Most OU students will study part-time at 60 credits a year. So, the fee will be:

  • £2,562 if you study 60 credits in a year.
  • £1,281 if you study 30 credits in a year.

(The OU's full-time equivalent fee if you study 120 credits in a year is £5,124).

Use the Open University's Eligibility Checker which can be used to indicate whether you may be eligible for any financial assistance in the current academic year.

Click to watch a video produced by the Open University on ways to pay fees