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Help with choosing a career and applying for a job

Careersbox resources:

You will need to be able to view videos to access these resources. You might need to do this from a home computer if your school/college/training provider's IT system blocks videos.



Careersbox has some great videos showing people talking about lots of different job role.

Skills Explorer is a fast and easy way you can match your skills against selected careers from the Careersbox library, giving you an individual report based on your personal skills.  Skills Explorer also links students up with local colleges and national opportunities for jobs and training.

Level 7 is a step-by-step guide to interview techniques to help school leavers prepare for the world of work.   




Career Camel

Career Camel is a site for students, graduates and school leavers offering jobs, internships, advice and courses.

The site also offers an online CV Builder



National Careers Service

The National Careers Service site offers, job profiles, online or telephone advice and everything you need to take your next career step in one place...