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Tips - Interviews



Getting an Apprenticeship is the same as getting a job. If your application is successful you will be interviewed and you may be asked to take tests to see if you’re the right person. You’ll need to sell yourself and convince the employer that their Apprenticeship is right for you

  • Research the employer and what the Apprenticeship will entail.
  • It’s important to prepare so you’re ready for an interview or assessment. You need to dress appropriately and look ready to start work
  • Prepare answers to typical interview questions and practise your replies. Create a list of questions that you could ask in an interview and to show you're keen.

Interview tips

  • Location Make sure you know exactly where you’re going and work out the best transport options.
  • Confirm attendance Let the employer know that you will be attending the interview or assessment.
  • Check date and time Make sure you know when you're meant to be attending and who to ask for.

On the day:

  • Arrive early If you're unable to make the interview or you're going to be late, get in touch with the employer as soon as you know. Arriving early makes a good impression.
  • Bring relevant information with you Always take a copy of the vacancy and your application form to the interview or assessment.

During the interview or assessment:

  • Body language It’s good to look upright, alert and keen rather than slumped. Eye contact is good too. It’s natural to feel nervous. Taking a few deep breaths can help calm you.
  • Think first After each question, it’s OK to pause and think before you answer. Feel free to ask an employer to repeat a question if you don’t understand it.
  • Be positive Be positive in the examples that you give in your answers. It's about what you say and how you say it.

Ask for feedback

If you’re not successful on your first application, keep applying and don’t take it personally. Competition can be strong for Apprenticeships in certain industry sectors. Ask the interviewer for feedback. It will help you work out what areas you can improve on, whether it’s interview technique or new skills you need to acquire.