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Finding an Apprenticeship

There is a new service to help you find an apprenticeship vacancy. You’ll need to create a new account to use the new service, even if you have an account for the original service. For a short while the original service will still be active.

To use the new service

Find and apply for apprenticeships in England. You can create an account if you haven’t got one.

Go to Find an apprenticeship and search for vacancies by keywork, which could include job title or employer name. Make sure you also choose a location or postcode to show you the vacancies in your area. You can also select the Apprenticeship level using the drop down box.

You can also register your details by creating an account. To register you will need to give some details about yourself and then create a username and password.

Use the original service

If you’ve applied for an apprenticeship before, you’ll only be able to view your application history using the original service. This service will continue to work for a short while. Sign in to the original service.

Note: Not all Apprenticeships will be listed on the National Apprenticeship Service website, you might need to search the Internet, local newspapers, employer websites and training provider sites to find the right Apprenticeship.



Finding an Apprenticeship through a provider

Many local providers such as colleges and training providers will also advertise Apprenticeship vacancies on their websites. You can find which providers are local to you in Find a Provider.

Or to search for a provider by the sector you are interested in you can try the Provider Search on the National Apprenticeship Service website.

Apprenticeship vacancy websites



The National Apprenticeship Service website is a good place to start looking for Apprenticeship vacancies as most are shown on this site, but be aware that not all companies use this site.



Careers World provides information on job sectors and has some job and apprenticeship vacancies. Also has Yorkshire and Humberside regional facts and contacts.



Not Going to Uni advertises Apprenticeship vacancies which you can search for by different levels and job sectors.