Lesson Plans - Post 16

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Lesson 1 Post 16: Higher education – exploring and overcoming the challenges

Mapped to CEG Framework:

  • 1. Empowers young people to plan and manage their own futures, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6.   
  • 4. Raises aspirations, 4.1, 4.2. 
  • 5. Actively promotes equality of opportunity and challenges stereotypes, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4.


Time needed:

  • Starter/Pre-learning: Investigate examples of people overcoming challenges in accessing learning and careers
  • 45-60 minute computer-based session: Exploring the challenges in accessing higher education and how to overcome them
  • Post-learning: Produce a poster or blog showing support available to overcome the challenges e.g for finances, disability, etc.

Computer Activity:


The following sections available on the Level-UP! website: Get information, View Video Stories, case studies in Search Job Sector, etc.  

Main activity:  

Consider the main issues that can challenge students aiming to access higher education, such as; living independently, managing your finances, disability/SEN, childcare, combining study with a job, lacking qualifications, and being a mature student.

Browse the View Video Stories  and the case studies in Search Job Sectors to find examples of students who have encountered one or more challenges and how they have overcome them. Choose 3 students and their challenges or choose challenges you need to overcome in your own situation. Write key points to feedback in discussion about: a. the nature of the challenge, b. the strategies used to overcome the challenge. Explore the 'Get Information section to find out more information about the support available to overcome challenges.

Students feedback their findings in open discussion. It may be helpful to structure the discussion by focusing on each category of challenge in turn.


  • Which of these video stories did you personally identify with, wholly or partly?
  • Have other people’s experiences affected the way you think about those challenges?
  • Has this lesson affected the way you think about higher education?


Posted Aug 2015