Lesson Plans - Key Stage 4

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Lesson 1 KS 4: Understanding qualifications and their routes to work and further study.

Mapped to CEG Framework:

  • Empowers young people to plan and manage their own futures, 1.1,  2.
  • Responds to the needs of each learner, 2.2, 2.3,  3.
  • Provides comprehensive information and advice, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4


Time needed:

  • 20 mins (optional) pre-IT session: Ask students to come up with the names of as many qualifications they can. See if they can group them under three headings: General Academic, Work-based Learning and Vocationally-related. Introduce lesson topic - knowing the qualifications that are available and the routes from qualifications to jobs and post 16/17 study.
  • 45-60 minutes computer-based session or homework using the Level-UP! website
  • 20 mins (optional) post-IT session: Ask students to talk to one or two adults about their route to work and the qualifications they achieved before they started their job and the ones they have got through their job.

Computer Activity:

Give out Recording sheet: KS4 1 Qualifications and routes.

Recording sheet for Lesson Plan KS4 / 1

Students log on to Level-UP! www.level-up.org.uk

. They click on 'Plan your route' in the top bar and then select a qualification level. (Selecting any level will take them to the Progression planner table, but students may focus on a specific level, depending on their expected qualification results at the end of the key stage). Explain the basic differences between General academic, Work-based and Vocationally-related learning and that people can move between the pathways. Students should read the table upwards, from level 1 to 8 and take a look at the career options linked to each one.

Students should click on at least three qualifications on the Progression Planner and find out some key facts. These could be recorded on the and shared with a partner if there is time. If they find a qualification of interest to them they can click on 'Add to My Level-UP!', at the bottom of the information pop-up and these will be saved in their area of Level-UP!.

Now that they are familiar with the Progression Planner they should click on 'Search Job Sectors' and find a job they are interested in. They should find out what type and level of qualifications are required to get started and to progress in that job.

They should then look at 'Find a Provider' and the school prospectus or local prospectus to see where those qualifications are offered. If they are interested in higher education at 18/19 they should check the course requirements for a degree of interest to see what qualifications are required.

Posted Aug 2015